Frequently Asked Questions

BroadCMS is easy to integrate with all your websites, apps and smart devices.

Yes, and the registration process is super easy. Just access the site and:

A. Click on "Sign in"

B. Click on "Sign up"

C. Fill in all the fields and follow the instructions.

After receiving the welcome email, you can access the Panel and start creating content for your websites, apps or wearables, publishing it instantaneously.

Firstly, you must create a content structure. Do not worry. It's easy. In the Panel:

A. click in the upper right corner (image/avatar)

B. select "Structure Builder."

C. Click on "New". Here you are going to be redirected, to the page where you will create your publishing information structure.

    C1. Name the site and place the domain without prefix (e.g. exclude "www.") and suffix (e.g. exclude ".com") - for would be: "broadcms").

    C2. Identify the default language and add the ones you want to have for your content (e.g. ES, PT, others)

    C3. Drag (drag & drop) the necessary modules to the corresponding box

On the home page of the Panel, you have all the APIs available.

In each module is the URL of the API to obtain the content to be published. 

You can insert users to see the content you want to share.

There are three profiles, allowing you to insert/delete users that can see in the Panel, the content you want to share. These profiles are:

A. Editor: can view and edit content

B. Viewer: can only view content

C. SEO: can only edit content related to SEO (Title / Description / Keywords)

You should send an email immediately to, with a brief description of what happened and where ideally including a screenshot. One of our specialised engineers will contact you.

Yes, our servers are hosted with a redundant solution, leveraging in the most expert partners in the market as GCloud (you can see it here:

In any case, we recommend you to create a resilience system on the sites, not only to avoid compromising the remote event of an API downtime but also for your operation security and resilience.

No. Our authentication system allows you to authenticate on the website, and when accessing the CMS / Panel, you will be authenticated as well.

In your customer area, you can cancel the subscription but not change it. To do so, send an email to

Showing a real and practical example is the best way to get the full experience of the powerful tool. Check what is under the hood:

Go to:


USER: ViewerBroadCMS

PASS: 123456 

And see for yourself how is structured...

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